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MBM Pledge Club

As you may have seen, our two headline ranges (W79 & Zimbalawi) were launched via a crowdfunding 'BravoGoGo' venture.  As you'll have noticed if you supported them, they both went woefully overdue for many backers...  

So I'm shelving that concept we'll try another route...  Pledge Club.

For the back end of 2017/early 2018 we have a number of plans of varying certainty.  

  • Congo/Jadotville - UN/Irish, Katangans: Would be fun to do
  • Raid on Entebbe - IDF, Ugandans, Hijackers: My personal preference!
  • Late War Rhodesia: An idea from one of our painters that I now can't get out of my head...

in an effort to gauge interest in the above, we're offering the opportunity to pledge against the initial packs for these.  So how it works is:

  • You make a pledge for how many packs you're likely to need*
  • Once there are enough pledges, we'll nudge the line towards production - depending on interest, this may be straight into production or via a pre-order/KS effort
  • We will then badger you mercilessly** to make good on your pledge with an actual purchase
  • You get a 10% discount to use on the range you've pledged for (on top of any pre-order discounts etc)

* I've put one pack up for each type to see how we go.  For most, at least 2 packs (10 variants) will be produced to form a section (and then HQ/support elements to form a platoon).  BUT please just pledge for the lead pack and we will assume that the majority of backers would end up opting for both variant packs.  eg if you eventually might want a platoon of 3 sections and HQ, just pledge for the 3 packs.  The discount will be applicable to the whole lot.
** Don't worry, we're not legally permitted to badger you mercilessly. We will however give you a gentle nudge or two.  

Any questions, suggestions for new packs/ranges, or any betters ideas for seeing these get off the ground, can be directed to