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zz03 Entebbe Ugandans


5 Amin-era Ugandan Army with G3 rifles/LMG/RPG  (RRP £10)

Design notes:
(a) Second pack of 5 likely to be produced, but please just pledge for how many you'd need of this pack and I'll assume most people would double up.
(b) May lead to ZIPRA forces for Rhodesia, with appropriate weapon & head swaps
(c) Almost certainly leading to an Amin-like character figure


PLEDGE ONLY - So here's the deal:  Promise to buy a pack (or more!) and once enough critical mass is achieved they'll go into the sculpting queue/pre-order.  We'll then badger you to make good on your pledge and in return you can have 10% off (in addition to any pre-order discounts)

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