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North and South Zimbalawi are in conflict over diamonds.  A despotic General has overthrown his own government in South Zimbalawi and attacked his neighbors to the North.  A sinister diamond Cartel despatches a small mercenary force to aid North Zimbalawi and extract South Zimbalawi's leader from the clutches of the General.  But behind the scenes, the Cartel does a new deal with the General...  

The packs in this collection are in various stages of pre-production,having been fully funded through a recent BravoGoGo.  These are being offered for pre-order by popular request on the following basis:

(a) Estimated despatch dates may alter depending on delays etc in the process
(b) The price includes a 10% discount to RRP
(c) Orders will be despatched together
(d) All pre-orders for the full set of Mercenaries (A, B, C & D) (or equivalent value of African Paratroopers) qualify for a free figure - probably a missionary.



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