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BravoGo!Go! FAQ

BravoGo!Go! FAQ:

  • You've got a brass neck! You want my money for stuff that doesn't exist yet? Yes please.  Basically the set up is this: I will have commissioned the first lot of figures.  The pre-orders for those will fund the commissions for the stretch targets.  Bumper pre-orders for the lot may be able to fund commissions for even more stretch targets.   Simples.  Even if no-one takes us up on this offer, all of the stretch targets will appear... one day, at some point this year.   But we want that day to be soon, and that's where we need your help.
  • So what's in it for me?  A hefty discount on our standard prices - 25%.  You're getting the discount you'd expect from a KS campaign, plus the fees that we would otherwise be paying to Kickstarter.  PLUS: we will throw in a free character figure with each BravoGo!Go! order.  
  • What's the catch? There isn't one.  Well, you miss out on a bit of accrued interest from your savings account (cough) what interest (/cough).  
  • How do I order? Add the available Main Goals/Stretch Target items to your shopping cart as normal, and pay as normal.  For your benefit, PayPal probably offers more peace of mind.
  • Right, when do I get my figures? We'll put up an indicative timescale on the BravoGo!Go! page.  There will be regular updates on our site, blog and by email (if appropriate - we wont bombard you with emails).  If at any time you don't feel fully informed, let us know by email and we'll update you.    Your order will be shipped once the last figures in your order have been produced.  ie, order Stretch target 1 only and you'll get your figures once Stretch Target 1 is complete.  An order for Stretch targets 1 and 3 will be shipped once target 3 has been produced.
  • Is it safe? Now this is the bit we like:  With a Kickstarter, once you've pledged your money it's gone:  If the KS goes tits up, your money is gone; if the figures arrive and they're crap, your money is gone.  Our campaign is different: it is quite simply a pre-order system.  That makes it a legally binding sale & purchase agreement.  You are a consumer, not an 'investor'.  That means you have the full weight of UK and EU consumer protection law behind you - the Sale of Goods Act, the Distance Selling Regulations, the lot.  Use Paypal and you have their dispute system. Use a credit card and you have your issuer's chargeback protection.  Plus, you have our BravoGo!Go! promise:
If at any time you are not completely satisfied with the progress of the sculpts, just ask for a refund.  No quibbles, no hard feelings.


Sound fair? We hope so.