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Postage Rates and other bits and bobs


  1. The following Postage Rates will be applied by the shopping cart automatically when you place an order: .  
    Domestic (UK, Channel Islands, IOM):

    Order Value up to £10: £1 P&P

    Order Value £10-£30: £2 P&P

    Order Value £30-£50: £4 P&P

    Order Value £50+: £5 P&P


    Add £2.50 to each band above.

    Rest of World:

    Add £3.50 to each band above.

  2. If the postage price that comes up in the shopping cart seems particularly excessive for your destination, drop me a note ( and I will run off a bespoke quote for you.  
  3. P&P costs are not intended to be profit making.  Royal Mail simply charges a lot...
  1. When using the shopping cart there will be a statement that you consent to information being transferred to the US.  The retail system we use is US based, so the information presumably goes to US servers.  As far as I am aware it just sits there and only I get to see it. 
  2. To the extent I have control over your personal data, it will go nowhere other than the shopping cart system, the dashboard that sits behind it, and email confirmations/correspondence between us.  
  1. Please bear with me: This isn't my day job, I have 3 nappy-wearing bundles of pestilence demanding my attention, and a wife who is very suspicious of the time I spend on the web sorting this stuff out.   And... this is a brand new venture, so I will inevitably make a few mistakes along the way.  
  2. So, if anything seems to be going a bit wrong with your order, drop me a line and I'll fix it.
  1. Snail Mail: Mike Bravo Miniatures, 98 High Street, Bathford, BA1 7TH (if you prefer mail order to online purchases, cheques may be made payable to 'Mike Bravo Miniatures'.  Please make your order legible and provide a telephone number and email address so I can confirm despatch etc)
  2. E-Mail:
  3. Phone: 07802 649693 (Note: We're not yet set up for taking orders by 'phone and may not always be available to answer due to day job.)