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The Legal Stuff

This Online Shop forms part of our overall website, which is governed by our global Terms of Use (this page, until I've drafted a proper one!).  In a nutshell, please don't use our images without giving us credit/linking back.  Our content is as much an advert for our own product as it is for the work of our sculptors and painters and casters etc, so we like to make sure people are credited properly.  We will also have a few images that are third party copyright, and some used under paid-for licences.  Don't nick them!

Through the ordering process we will see and obtain some of your personal data.  We don't hold any card data, but we'll have your name, address, and obviously we'll know some of what's in your lead pile - and what you might be hiding from your partner!  Data security is important to us, and we won't blitz you with marketing emails and so on.  We certainly won't transfer any personal data to any third parties without your consent.  But, for completeness, please take a look at our Privacy Policy (actually don't, I haven't finished it yet: in short we'll only use your personal data for logging and processing your order/query).

And finally, the the contract between you and us.  In a nutshell, you are fully protected by UK and European consumer law (for anyone considering voting for Brexit, this is one area where the EU does Very Good Stuff.)  The fine print is in our Terms and Conditions (there's a theme: still to be drafted so this page will have to do for now...), the key points of which are:

  • Mike Bravo Miniatures is a trading name for an individual, D Meadon-Bower.  We're a teeny tiny family business in a cottage industry.  And we're new.  Please bear with us if we get it wrong - we will fix it.
  • You will be charged at the point of order (eg via Paypal or cashing of a cheque), but a contract is not formed until we have accepted your order by shipping the Goods.
  • Your Goods will be shipped as soon as reasonably possible.  Orders will usually be picked and shipped within a couple of working days but please allow up to a week for them to be despatched (or for us to get in touch if there's a problem).    This is not our day job and very occasionally Real Life may have intervened.  If there are stock issues we will promptly let you know and give you a chance to cancel or wait it out.  
  • We will notify you once your Goods are shipped.  Goods will be shipped to the address shown on Paypal.  Sorry.  It's a pain but it means we can offer Paypal and the buyer protection it offers you.  
  • Please allow up to 28 days for the Goods to be delivered.  That said, if a UK order hasn't arrived within 7 working days (or say 14 working days for international) please drop us a note so that we can investigate.  We will tend to use Royal Mail or Hermes, and tracking where viable.
  • Postage: If the Post Office price ends up dramatically lower than what you've been charged, you'll get a refund.  If it's dramatically higher, that's my tough luck UNLESS the order becomes loss making, in which case I will have to decline the order and refund your money. Please remember that the P&P cost covers the stamps and unseen costs such as the jiffy bags, the bubble wrap, fuel etc etc.  
  • If something is flagged as a pre-order item, we'll keep you up-to-date on likely delivery dates but it is not yet in stock so don't expect to see them landing on the doormat the next day...
  • If the Goods arrive damaged, or simply wrong, please let us know and we will work to resolve the matter quickly and amicably. 
  • If you are a European Union consumer, you have certain cancellation rights under the Distance Selling Regulations.  If you do wish to cancel under the DSRs, we're a small outfit so we'll need you to return the Goods and this would be at your cost unfortunately.  



D Meadon-Bower, trading as Mike Bravo Miniatures
98 High Street, Bathford, BA1 7TH, United Kingdom.