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Spotlight: Zimbalawi

North and South Zimbalawi are in conflict over diamonds.  A despotic General has overthrown his own government in South Zimbalawi and attacked his neighbors to the North.  

A sinister diamond Cartel despatches a small mercenary force to extract South Zimbalawi's leader from the clutches of the General.  But behind the scenes, the Cartel does a new deal with the General...  

As tensions mount the UN assembles an Irish-led intervention force and news begins to filter through of a hijacking...


Zimbalawi is our sandpit for Post-Colonial 70s/80s modern Africa wargaming.  If you can work out the film/TV references in the intro, it'll give you a flavour of travel for our 28mm Zimbalawi range....  


Chris at Sally 4th has put together a great set of MDF buildings for Wild Geese inspired games including bridges,barracks, a control tower, and terminal building.  Check them out here: Sally 4th - The_Wild_Geese

Phil at Tinned Fruit is making us some great looking scratch-built buildings:

 Check him out here:


We'd suggest Combat Patrol and the free Winter of '79 supplement available from Sally 4th: 

Alternatively check out Wayne Bollands' LOTFL Variant for the Wild Geese over at Caliver: