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zz05 Entebbe IDF (Paratroopers/Golani)

zz05 Entebbe IDF (Paratroopers/Golani)


5 1980s IDF with choice either of Galils etc or M16s/Uzis etc (to model either Golani Bde or Paratroopers)  (RRP £10)  

Will do double duty for Entebbe & Lebanon

Design notes:
(a) Second pack of 5 will be produced, but please just pledge for how many you'd need of the initial pack and I'll assume most people would double up.
(b) HQ/platoon weapons to follow

PLEDGE ONLY - So here's the deal:  Promise to buy a pack (or more!) and once enough critical mass is achieved they'll go into the sculpting queue/pre-order.  We'll then badger you to make good on your pledge and in return you can have 10% off (in addition to any pre-order discounts)

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